The Castrum & surrounding area

The Castrum di Serravalle is an ideal holiday site in any season. Incredibly romantic with the snow. Exceptional in springtime with the cherry trees in bloom. Vibrant and carefree on long summer evenings. Poetically evocative in the fall.

As in a fairytale, this elegant Veneto based Castrum of Serravalle welcomes its guests to the captivating landscape of the northern part of the Treviso province, an area that has wonderful surprises in store: visitors will be enchanted by the alternating scenery and superb works of art. The entire province is crossed by rivers and canals – like a small-scale Venice – and this makes the land very fertile and flourishing.

An irresistible location ideal in the summer period but also in autumn – the grape harvest season – when guests can go on wine and food tours or visit the vineyards and wineries to sample the fine local wine and food delicacies.

We must also remember the local cuisine and the food products used to create its delicious dishes:

• Red radicchio of Treviso
• White asparagus from the Cimadolmo area
• Mushrooms from the Montello hills, and wild herbs
• ‘Malga’ cheeses (made from milk of cows grazed on high mountain pastures)
• Chestnuts from the Combai area
• and of course the wines, including the renowned Prosecco di Conegliano Valdobbiadene (DOCG).

You’ll always find something interesting to do, see and discover when you stay with us, even if just for a week-end, a few days or weeks.